We are disrupting digital security. Join us!

Hadrian's agentless proactive security platform is built by a team of expert hackers. We use new cloud-native technology and machine learning to report vulnerabilities in companies' defence systems before attackers can exploit them.

Our culture

Decide your workflow 💻

Once the objective is set, as a team or an individual, you are given the freedom to choose your own approach, pick your tools and define the workflow as you want.

Supporting personal growth 🙋

We support each other in personal growth and professional development. Be that with sharing knowledge or completing courses on the side, you’re given the tools to excel as an individual.

We are proactive 💪

Proactiveness is one of the core qualities of highly effective people. We want our people to be highly successful in life as well as work. 

We celebrate wins 🎉

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of a startup that’s growing at mega speeds. At Hadrian, we like to take a moment to look back and celebrate our wins.

We care 💗

We care for each other. When something isn’t going quite as well as wanted, Hadrian is there to offer support and understanding.

We love humour 😄

Life is better with a bit of humour here and there. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, that way we keep it light!

Benefits at Hadrian